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We are here to help improve your events and major gatherings 

Machine Retails 

Houston's Margaritas Retails want you to be well equipped with the best Magarita machines in the land. To help you have the best events ever for your business, many of our current clients love our machines and do praise the experience they have had using our equipment. we hope you do too. Book our Machines Today we are sure you would enjoy them. 

Machine Rentals 

Rates start from 199.99 

*Travel fee may apply 

Party Events Setu​p 

Houston's Margarita Retails want you to have the full bar experience at your main party events. We are open for you to book us for your events. We will provide you with bartender services, drink packages, and a fun and entertaining time for your guest and attendees. Everyone loves us and so would your guest go ahead and check out our bartender services. We look forward to seeing you at your next party.

Bartender Services

Rates start from 299.99

*Travel fee may apply 

Party Photo Booth 

Houston's Margarita Retails want you to create memories that lasts a lifetime with our nice and beautiful photo booths. These booths are not just any booth, but the best booth in Texas, because you got them from us. Take photos with your family, your guests, by yourself, with the family pet, if you need it, we will provide it to you. If you want our photo booth at your event, go ahead and get it 

Photo Booth Rentals

Rates start from 399.99

*Travel fee may apply